Renowned Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan to Perform with Britten Sinfonia, Conducted by David Murphy at Wigmore Hall on July 27, 2024

Amjad Ali Khan sarod; Britten Sinfonia

London, UK – Prepare for an enchanting evening of music as legendary Sarod virtuoso Ustad Amjad Ali Khan takes the stage alongside the acclaimed Britten Sinfonia, under the baton of conductor David Murphy, at the prestigious Wigmore Hall. Scheduled for Saturday, July 27th, 2024, at 7:30 PM, this concert promises to be a mesmerizing fusion of Indian classical music and Western orchestral finesse.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, hailing from a lineage of illustrious musicians, has carved an indelible mark on the world stage with his mastery of the Sarod, a traditional Indian stringed instrument. Known for his impeccable technique and soul-stirring renditions, Khan’s performances have captivated audiences globally for decades. His unique style, characterized by clear and rapid ekhara taans, continues to inspire generations of musicians and listeners alike.

Teaming up with the Britten Sinfonia, one of the UK’s most dynamic chamber orchestras, Khan will embark on a musical journey that transcends boundaries of culture and genre. Led by the accomplished conductor David Murphy, the ensemble promises to deliver a spellbinding fusion of Eastern and Western musical traditions, showcasing the beauty of collaboration and cross-cultural dialogue.

The concert at Wigmore Hall presents a rare opportunity for music enthusiasts to witness the synergy between Khan’s virtuosity on the Sarod and the orchestral brilliance of Britten Sinfonia. With a repertoire that traverses classical compositions and contemporary arrangements, the performance is set to offer a kaleidoscopic experience, blending tradition with innovation in a harmonious tapestry of sound.

Don’t miss this extraordinary evening of musical excellence, where the timeless melodies of the Sarod meet the rich harmonies of the orchestra, creating an unforgettable auditory feast. Join us on July 27th at Wigmore Hall for an evening that celebrates the universal language of music and the boundless creativity of artists like Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Britten Sinfonia, and David Murphy.

For ticket bookings and further information, please visit Wigmore Hall’s official website.

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