Mums That Rave Christmas Party Lights Up indigo at The O2

Mums That Rave Christmas Party

Get ready to deck the halls and dance the night away, because Mums That Rave, the award-winning sensation for modern mamas, is back and bigger than ever for Christmas 2023! Hosted at the iconic indigo at The O2 in London, this day party and panel talk promise an unforgettable experience for all the vibrant women out there.

Founded by the multi-talented DJ Nikki Beatnik, one half of the electronic DJ Producer duo Beatnik and the official DJ to Kelis, Mums That Rave has become the go-to celebration for mothers who crave a break from the routine and a chance to let loose. Nikki Beatnik, with an impressive resume of spinning tunes for global icons like Diddy, Jay Z, Beyonce, J.Lo, as well as major events like F1 and The British Fashion Awards, brings her electrifying energy to this Christmas extravaganza.

The festivities kick off at 2:00 PM, and indigo at The O2 is set to transform into a wonderland of music, laughter, and empowerment. Mums That Rave isn’t just a party; it’s a toast to modern motherhood. It’s a call for women to dress up, show up, and turn up, all while embracing the joy and chaos of being a mother. This event is specially curated for those mamas who adore festivals, revel in great music, and love to dance but sometimes forget to treat themselves.

What sets Mums That Rave apart is not just the pulsating beats or the star-studded DJ lineup; it’s the sense of community and support that pervades the atmosphere. The day will feature a panel talk, providing a platform for women to share their stories, insights, and celebrate the beauty of motherhood. It’s a unique blend of entertainment and empowerment, making it an experience like no other.

Tickets for this spectacular event are available now, and they’re selling like hotcakes! Secure your spot at the Mums That Rave Christmas Party by visiting. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the ultimate celebration for mamas and women who know how to balance the demands of motherhood with the need for some well-deserved fun.

As the Christmas spirit takes over indigo at The O2, Mums That Rave promises to be the highlight of the festive season. So, gather your mom squad, dust off your dancing shoes, and get ready to rave the night away at the most anticipated Christmas party for mums in the heart of London. See you on Sunday, December 10, for a celebration that’s bound to be merry, bright, and full of unforgettable moments!

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